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A Few Steps in Fundraising

Prepared for the Arizona Land and Water Trust

November 26, 2014

Will Murray

  1. Remember that you are asking someone to do something they really want to do and will feel very good about it physically and emotionally when the give a gift.
  2. Be clear on what you need. Put together a wish list by price tag and focus on what those things will do to advance the mission of the Trust (i.e. what it will buy).
  3. Have with you at all times a leave-behind piece such as annual report to give to interested people.
  4. Ask for what the donor has to give. Find out what she is specifically interested in that you need (the overlapping circle).
  5. AIDA—people go through a process to make a gift. Awareness, then Interest, then Decision, then Action.  When they are asking questions about how the Trust works, they are in Decision mode and are getting ready to take Action.  Once you have answered their questions, they are ready for you to ask for a gift.
  6. Use the magic words: “Would you consider a gift in the amount of $x for y?” where y is a specific need that you have which the donor is interested in.
  7. After you make the ask, remain silent and let the donor think and respond.
  8. When the donor says yes, follow up with a process to finalize the gift (pledge letter, check, etc).
  9. Thank the donor and depart.
  10. Follow up when you have results to show the donor how you used the money and what impact it had.
  11. The donor wants to be asked, and the plants, animals and ecosystems can’t ask for themselves. Go back to #1 above and feel your own good feeling.

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