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Program Development

Performance design for organizations and existing or new programs. (More.)

Governance Strategy

Working with non-profit boards for practical results. (More.)

Director Growth

Personal and professional performance achievement for conservation leaders. (More.)

Project Management

Design, execution and training in organizing work into implementable packages. (More.)

Charitable Strategy

Direct, personal and online packages for raising funds to carry out your mission. (More.)

Athletic Performance

Certified triathlon coach and NLP practitioner. USA Triathlon All-American and Ironman All-World Athlete. (More.)

Thirty-six-year history in biological conservation, science education and organizational management.



hirty-six-year history in biological conservation, science education and organizational management.

Sixteen years as an independent management consultant, Including 18 months as interim executive director of Island Conservation.

Ten years with Conservation Impact, LLC as a management consultant to conservation organizations in six countries and across the United States. 

Sixteen years with The Nature Conservancy, working at levels from local to international in preserve management, membership development, volunteer program management, land stewardship and conservation planning.

Three years with the Yosemite Institute as a field instructor in Yosemite National Park, teaching outdoor science to high school and middle school students. High school science teacher in the San Francisco public school system.

COACHINGPerformance enhancement for non-profit leaders and athletes utilizing my NLP certification and USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach certification.
PLANNINGLed more than 130 strategic planning projects and dozens of business planning projects. Developed conservation plans from biogeographic province to site scale, including the Caribbean Sea, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and Upper Colorado River.
COMMUNICATIONDeveloped dozens of internal and external communication strategies. NLP certified
VOLUNTEERWrote the first volunteer management manual for The Nature Conservancy, served on the board of directors of The Volunteer Connection of Boulder County and has given volunteer management seminars nationwide.